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Art & Industry

East Village started out as an industrial district, with warehouses and open lots serving the fledgling port city of San Diego at the turn of the century. Fast-forward to today, and we see a vibrant new district, brimming with potential and spurred by innovation. We can thank local legend Bob Sinclair for saving some of the beautiful old warehouses still in use today. Sinclair saw beauty in fixing and re-using the very machinery that used to fuel the city decades earlier, and his legacy is ever-present today– especially at 13th and J Streets where two of his building still stand.

From brightly painted machinery to rusted pipes-turned-planters, the Sinclair-coined phrase “Art & Industry” is alive and well in East Village. You’ll find more of Sinclair’s handiwork at the Wonderbread warehouse (home of Mission Brewery).

Don’t forget to hit The Mission for breakfast after checking out the charming industrial artifacts that beautify the sidewalk along J Street.